The Acceleration is Incredible E.P.

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Released: July 26, 2017


An adventure into the land of electronic music. Gathering motivation from food, sleep, space, cars and trains. The journeys are similar but oppose each other in a friendly understanding manner.

If we briefly run through the first track: 'Yes Rain', we might get a taste of the rest of the music you might find on this collection because they all have a similar backbone.

The sound of rain falling on the ground starts. An upbeat rhythm kicks in followed by Dave Village's voice contemplating - "what is rain?". The sound beats build up while his voice continues to contemplate rain.

To conclude the track Dave Village recites the first half of a poem by Fannie Isabelle Sherrick - 'Summer Rain', 1860 -

Oh, what is so pure as the glad summer rain,
That falls on the grass where the sunlight has lain?
And what is so fair as the flowers that lie
All bathed in the tears of the soft summer sky?

The blue of the heavens is dimmed by the rain
That wears away sorrow and washes out pain;
But we know that the flowers we cherish would die
Were it not for the tears of the cloud-laden sky.

The rose is the sweeter when kissed by the rain,
And hearts are the dearer where sorrow has lain;
The sky is the fairer that rain-clouds have swept,
And no eyes are so bright as the eyes that have wept.

Admittedly, 'Yes Rain' is the only track with a poem.

Yes Rain - audio:

A Devil Shoulder Resting On Your Shoulder - video:

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