It was Friday night, 27 September 2019 - I made a loaf of bread and I was happy with the result. 

I returned from work. Kneaded the dough, then let it rise slowly over a few hours. Eventually I placed it in the oven around 11:15pm. Half an hour later...

I left the loaf on a grill over night to cool down, covered with a tea towel (to protect it from any night-time evil). In the morning I cut the loaf into slices. Oh the joy. 

I'd tried on and off to make a decent loaf of bread over many years - those past attempts mostly failed, because they didn't rise enough or at all. But since that night - at last - there was bread-hope for the future..

"Dave, what do you think made the difference?"

Previously, I believe I bought the wrong kind of yeast. Great improvements occurred after I purchased fast-acting (speedy) yeast. Also, the amount of patience and determination involved, on my part, changed.

The night before I made another loaf of bread, but I forgot to add a light covering of flour dust on top. It looked a little sad, as soon as I removed it from the oven. I considered it another failure (a little harsh maybe), but I sensed I was close to making my first decent loaf. I could feel the bread power rising up from within me. I believed in myself, and the promise of some holey bread.