Clock Watching

Category - Utilities
Compatibility - Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV Apps
Initially released - November, 2017
Animated seconds - February, 2018 (Version 1.1)
Rewritten and refreshed - December, 2020 (Version 2.0)


It is a digital clock that shows the time, using four digits to display both hours and minutes. You can watch a multitude of minutes and hours progress through time.

Add animated seconds to your flanks with an In-App Purchase. Pendulums will move into place with each second until the minute is complete. The pink pendulums will then fall or explode offscreen to allow the sequence to repeat itself. Minute after minute.

Version 2.0

Rewritten and refreshed, to keep up with the times. Available on the Mac, for the first time. There's even an option to open in fullscreen, if you want.


Image showing the clock watching app. The time says: 21:55.
Image showing the clock watching splash screen - app title, curcuit board graphic.

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